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Websites are a genuine necessity to compete in today’s business landscape. Here at GOEGI, we offer a few different types of web design services, including templates, semi-custom, and fully custom websites. Every one of our web design offerings will include a dedicated account manager, an in-depth kickoff meeting, a 40+ step post-launch SEO checklist, and much more. We build all of our websites on WordPress, which is the web’s most popular content management system and all our websites are built to be responsive, meaning that they work on any tablet or mobile phone.

You will also notice that we only list pricing ranges and not set pricing for reach offering. Each of our web design projects varies greatly and depends on your budget, goals, and of course your timeframe. If you are unsure of what you want, our team, here at GOEGI can help you choose the right option that falls within your budget.


Here at GOEGI Web Design we offer Template websites. We believe that they are best suited for businesses that have a smaller budget and are willing to adhere to the limitations of a template. Our platform of choice is WordPress and there are many thousands, if not millions, of different WordPress templates available to you. Our team will select 2 or 3 templates to present to you based on our knowledge of your goals, the number of pages, what you hope to achieve and you will then select one for us to move forward with.

Templates can offer many customization options, such as colour choice, logo, photos and more, but there are pros and cons to templates that we will make sure you’re fully aware of before beginning. Template websites from GOEGI Web Design typically start around €395.00 and the final pricing will depend on the number of hours we will actually need to complete your project.


Our semi-custom websites are a hybrid of using a WordPress template and further customizing it to fit the needs of the project. GOEGI Web Design semi-custom websites are best suited for companies that may have a modest budget and want a little more control over the look than what a regular WordPress template provides.

Just like template websites, there are many customizations that you are able to make, including colours, logo, and photos; and with a semi-custom website, we will also be able to make structural changes. The biggest difference between our template websites and semi-custom websites is the price; if we’re making changes above and beyond the template, that will require more time for us to work around the already-existing code. Semi-custom websites from GOEGI Web Design typically start around €895.00 and final pricing will of course depend upon the number of hours we will need to complete your project.


Our custom websites are for medium to large sized businesses that have a sizeable budget for a new website and that want full control over the look and feel. Once a client has been taken on board, our design team meets internally to start planning a sitemap, wireframes, and the design direction. We then go through each step, presenting everything from initial concepts to structural planning to the final design. Our design team will then walk you through each phase until the final project is launched to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Custom websites from GOEGI Web Design typically start around €1,500.00 and final pricing will of course ultimately depend upon the number of hours we will need in order to complete your project.


” When it comes to Web Design, GOEGI certainly know what they are doing. We had a website that every time we wanted to change or update something we had to go back to our previous company. GOEGI have given us a website that we can update with ease. “

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