Every Perfume comes with it’s own Certificate of originality.

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All our products are delivered directly to your home.

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We view life from a different perspective. We have spent a long time searching for a place of equality, where principles matter and beautiful products are designed for everyone. As such a place was nowhere to be found, we decided to create it ourselves.

Our mission and vision are derived from our system of sales and the values that we hold dear.

Our mission:

To discover the potential of our clients and help them achieve a better life.

Our vision:

We want each client to choose us consciously.

Our values:

We believe in honesty in both business and life. We are honest and open. We believe that our employees and clients are our partners, so we treat them fairly and with respect. We keep our promises and obligations.

To stick to our values we follow clear rules. We value simplicity and strive to achieve simple and practical solutions in our daily life and business.

Since we feel responsible for our employees and clients, we respect ethical principles and foster long-term relationships based on trust. We guarantee safety and stability.

We respect individualism, but at the same time we believe that together we can achieve more. We know how to listen and remain attentive to the needs of others. We enjoy working together and achieving goals together.


” I am delighted with the Perfumes that I  received. They are excellent value for money and they last for a long time. I find that they last for up to eight hours.

Also I am happy with the home care products which I ordered. I love the scent which it leaves around the house.”

Let’s Work Together

When you work with Prouvé Ireland there’s only one simple step you have to take to start earning money – recommend others. Surely, you have recommended a nice restaurant to your friends, a proven mechanic or a doctor. That is what refferal marketing is all about – recommending proven products and services to your friends.